MTIRAMachine Tool Industry Research Association (United Kingdom)
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Following the enforcement of MTIRA, the health department lost administrative control over the nine big hospitals where the new law was implemented.
The MTIRA 2015's Section 5 in its sub-section (1) determines that there shall be a BoG for each MTI for its administration.
The two member bench also separated the hearing of contempt of court notice issued to Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan, after he addressed a press conference on the sub judice matter and threatened the petitioners, from the petitions filed against MTIRA 2015 and fixed its date on December 2.
(54.) Interview with Mwazeni Mtira, Chia, Nkhota kota, 29 September 1989.
Sources said that the consultants were not ready to accept the MTIRA as they enjoyed status of civil servants and were governed under the government's law.
The KP MTIRA was enforced by government in 2015 by virtue of which IBP was started in the hospitals where patients were seen on paying consultation fee in the evening.
Under the MTIRA 2015, IBP was optional for consultants while it was mandatory for the dean, medical and hospital directors of the institutions.
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly in December last year had approved the amendments to the MTIRA which included setting up of a policy board and authorising the health minister to issue policy directives to the health institutions.
The petitioner said through the MTIRA, certain important changes were made to the administrative structure and arrangements for employees of MTIs, including Khyber Teaching Hospital and Khyber Medical College.
Under the 2015 MTIRA, only medical director and dean are required to do IBP, while there is no bar on other professors, who continued to stay as the chairpersons of the departments and heads of the wards.
Some of the petitioners had challenged MTIRA, which was enacted in Jan 2015, and had requested the court to declare several of its provisions unconstitutional.
Unlike the MTIRA, 2015, under which the tenure of dean is three years, amendment to the law will increase the term to five years.