MTITMinistry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Palestine)
MTITMTech (Master of Technology) Information Technology (Andhra University; India)
MTITMulti-Token Inter-Arrival Time
MTITMaximum Tolerated Infusion Time (cancer treatment)
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National Directorate of Security (NDS) deputy head, Shafiqullah Tahiri, said they had jointly taken measures with MTIT to confiscate unregistered mobile SIMs.
The rationale behind the debt sustainability threshold is that if a developing country is forced to service its debt beyond MTIT rates it then, due to domino effects, can only do so on the account of its future growth.
If Iraq negotiated to have any annual debt service that exceeds MTIT considered a "forced moratorium on debt" (strategy one) then one could argue that such excess should be considered as 'forgiven debt" (strategy three-Iraqi side).
MTIT is also encouraging Palestine's Electricity North and Electricity South companies to use their dark fibre networks for broadband backhaul, in a bid to reduce the cost of backhaul services for ISPs.
Aker says that while Paltel is "not against" these initiatives, it would prefer to see a more clear, comprehensive strategy from the MTIT.
He said that the MTIT filed an official complaint with the ITU regarding the Israeli raid against the two TV stations.
Mashhour Abudaka, minister of MTIT, added: "We have developed a strategy to modernise public administration to meet the demands of governing in the broadband world.
MTIT Minister, Mashhour Abudakka, said, "We have developed a strategy to modernize public administration to meet the demands of governing in the broadband world.
Palestine's telecoms ministry, the MTIT, is looking to bolster the country's internet security after its IP network was hit by a cyber attack at the start of the month.
It was around 7am, we were subjected to a sustained attack from hundreds of sources in several countries," said Dr Mashhour Abudaka, head of the MTIT.
The MTIT granted a licence to the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO) allowing it to use its fibre network for broadband back in March.
Furthermore, the Israeli authorities "are not even meeting or talking" to the MTIT since the Palestinian National Authority started action to gain recognition as a nation state from the United Nations, according to Abudaka.