MTLBMemory Controller Translation Lookaside Buffer
MTLBMemory-Controller Translation Look-Aside Buffer
MTLBMashina Transportnaya Legkaya Boyevaya (Russian transport vehicle for combat)
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Based on the initial assessment, the planners determined that 60 percent of the parts were T-55 parts, 25 percent were T-72, 10 percent BMP-1, and 5 percent MTLB.
This warehouse, designated Warehouse One, primarily stored T-55 small parts along with some T-72, BMP-1, and MTLB parts.
5 kg Guidance SACLOS, radio in container) Effective Range: Launcher: Maximum 5 km Self-Propelled 9P149 on MTLB chassis Minimum 0.
10, undated, probably late 1830s; CTA, RG 1/A, minute #320, Apr 2 1855, 17th page; CTA, RG5/E, p 37, undated; MTLB photograph, Union Station, 1873; Hugh Scobie, "General Plan of Arrangements for Railway Termini in the City of Toronto," Canadian Journal, 1 (May 1853), opp p 216; Walter Shanly to Hugh Richardson, Jan 28 1852, THCA, RG1/4, box 4 vol.
Elizabeth Simcoe, "The Garrison, York", 1796; MTLB.
Tape tracked without rubber pads to the Transporter MTLB, set
Tape track with rubber pads to the Transporter minelaying an overhead / Vehicle tracked chassis MTLB, set
Department XVI - delivery of spare parts and accessories for motor MTLB.
Public Order in the fields of defense and security implemented in the restricted tender procedure for the service overhaul and repair parts special maintenance base chassis self-propelled 122 mm howitzer 2S1 carnation Crawler MTLB (with a value in excess of 414 000).
The contract is for the supply of spare parts for combat vehicles in the range of 4 tasks - Problem # 1 - spare parts for BWP-1,- Task 2 - parts MTLB,- Task 3 - parts BRDM,- Problem # 4 - spare parts for T-72.
to BWPProblem # 3: The wheel bearing to BWPProblem # 4: Voltage Regulator RN10 to BWPProblem # 5: Transmission MTLB left side and 2S1Problem # 6: Transmission MTLB right side and 2S1Problem # 7: The main transmission MTLB and 2S1Problem # 8: Engine SU-12 PT91Problem # 9: Motor 4CTI90-1 / BEA2201 (75KW) to HonkerProblem # 10: Engine 4CT90-1 / BEA2201 (turbo) to HonkerProblem # 11: Transmission cpl.
Problem # 5 Transmission MTLB left side and 2S1- pcs.