MTLBMemory Controller Translation Lookaside Buffer
MTLBMashina Transportnaya Legkaya Boyevaya (Russian transport vehicle for combat)
MTLBMemory-Controller Translation Look-Aside Buffer
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In the figure 7 spectrogram calculated by the array of resonators of a random input signal mtlb with ideal parameters of resonators (It is satisfactory damping of resonators and low stiffness of connection springs.) is shown.
Based on the initial assessment, the planners determined that 60 percent of the parts were T-55 parts, 25 percent were T-72, 10 percent BMP-1, and 5 percent MTLB. A further assessment determined the numbers of small parts and of medium and large parts that had to be stored.
10, undated, probably late 1830s; CTA, RG 1/A, minute #320, Apr 2 1855, 17th page; CTA, RG5/E, p 37, undated; MTLB photograph, Union Station, 1873; Hugh Scobie, "General Plan of Arrangements for Railway Termini in the City of Toronto," Canadian Journal, 1 (May 1853), opp p 216; Walter Shanly to Hugh Richardson, Jan 28 1852, THCA, RG1/4, box 4 vol.
The Przebisnieg system is based on the MTLB tracked chassis, while the SIGINT system was developed and produced by Wojskowe Zaklady Elektroniczne (Zielonka, Poland).
In the area of government-controlled Umanske (23km north-west of Donetsk), the SMM observed a military convoy of 12 BMP-2, two BMP-1, two military trucks, and two MTLB facing south.
Tape track with rubber pads to Transporter Engineering Reconnaissance / Vehicle tracked chassis MTLB, set
Tape track with rubber pads to the Transporter Reconnaissance Engineering / Vehicle tracked chassis MTLB, set
Contract award: 123 delivery of spare parts to chassis combat vehicles t-72 / ctm-3, bwp-1, mtlb / 2s1, ctm-2 and brdm.
Department XVI - delivery of spare parts and accessories for motor MTLB.
Contract notice: 123 delivery of spare parts for combat vehicle chassis t-72 / ctm-3, bwp-1, mtlb / 2s1, ctm-2 and brdm.
Contract award: "after-sales service of multi-conveyors, light armored (mtlb)".
Contract notice: Service repair the main part of the special maintenance and repair of the base chassis self-propelled 122 mm howitzer 2s1 carnation crawler mtlb (tech / 49-95 / 2015).