MTLEMesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
MTLEmedial temporal lobe epilepsy
MTLEMulticonductor Transmission Line Equation
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In patients with MTLE, the correlations between the genotype of cytokines and the presence of FS were also investigated.
Although previous studies have suggested a role of genetic, immunological, and environmental factors (9,10,I7), the etiopathogenesis of MTLE remains obscure.
The current model is set to the MTLE model with the values of [lambda] and [upsilon] equal to 2000 m and 2x[10.
Student factors such as the nature of school they finished high school, result of the college admission test, and scholastic achievement during college could influence the success rate in the MTLE.
Hence, graduates of HEIs in Medical Technology are challenged to perform in the MTLE at par with the national passing percentage.
In this study, the MTLE and MTLL current models are applied into the proposed method and the results are compared accordingly.
Therefore, by setting the MTLE model as a current model, Figures 3 and 4 illustrate the evaluated channel base current and the simulated magnetic flux density at r = 30 m based on the evaluated currents and voltage profile, respectively and these values are compared to the corresponding measured values.
Conclusion: Our results showed that patients with left MTLE were not worsened in verbal memory, but despite improved recognition, they have some problems in recalling information and only a minor improvement in attention.
The main purpose of the present study was to compare the neuropsychological outcomes of patients with MTLE after surgery at the 1-year follow-up.
According to proposed algorithm, the current model (in this study MTLE model) has been entered into magnetic flux density calculations by i(r',t - R(r') / c) parameter in Equations (9) to (11).
The magnetic flux density and the vertical electric fields due to an inclined lightning channel were estimated using TL, MTLE and MTLL models (Figures 7 and 8, respectively) by considering the current parameters obtained from Table 1 and a fixed return stroke velocity of v = 1.
We investigated our database for epileptic patients with MTLE during 2000-2014 who fulfilled the MRI criteria (mentioned later) for BHS and having at least one NPT in our epilepsy center We included consecutive UHS patients who had undergone the same NPT battery and seen in our epilepsy center during 2013-2014 to ascertain their prognosis as a control group.