MTLTMulti-Conductor Transmission Line Theory
MTLTMathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PreK-12 (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
MTLTMathematics Teaching and Learning to Teach
MTLTMineralized Turkey Leg Tendon (biomedicine)
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The MTLT sensors also include programmable tilt alarms for tilt safety applications.
As mentioned above, the ECBM allows one to highly reduce the computation complexity for the cable network either in MTLT or full-wave calculations.
The MTLT supported the purchase of a computer and the archive's collections were entered onto a Paradox database, and paper based finding aids made for all collections.
'in the three years since the Wairarapa Archive was established in one room with $100 and a lot of enthusiasm, it has grown into a sizable collection occupying and overflowing the whole top floor of the Masterton Trust Lands Trust building.' (2) Plans had been prepared to utilise land at the rear of the library which had been donated by the MTLT for a purpose built archive.