MTMCMilitary Traffic Management Command (US DoD)
MTMCMount Marty College
MTMCMiddle Tennessee Medical Center (Murfreesboro, TN)
MTMCMicros-to-Mainframes, Inc. (stock symbol)
MTMCMilitary Transportation Management Command
MTMCMulti-Threat Medical Countermeasure
MTMCM T Mortgage Corporation (various locations)
MTMCManual Turning Movement Count
MTMCMultithreaded Multicomputer
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On 1 October 1988, MTMC, along with the Military Sealift Command (MSC) and the Military Airlift Command, officially became a component of the United States Transportation Command (TRANSCOM).
The major change in the current version of the MTMC Agreement is the addition of a new mandatory charge, the Government Administrative Rate Supplement also known as GARS.
The MTMC, she noted, is the Army component of the U.S.
Honor's first tour at MTMC began in 1970 after nearly 16 months serving in Vietnam.
The Deputy Commanding General/Director of Operations, BG Barbara Doornink, commands the MTMC Operations Center at Fort Eustis, VA, which is the hub for MTMC operations worldwide and which is transforming to become the global surface distribution center for USTRANSCOM.
Since November 7, MTMC global command and control has been exercised from MTMC Fort Eustis, Fort Eustis, VA, the latest phase of the command's reorganization.
FRA inspectors routinely inspect lines on major strategic routes and provide periodic reports on conditions of defense-essential rail lines to MTMC. In addition, the FRA continues to operate its geometry car on strategic routes to ensure compliance with federal track safety standards.
MTMC transporters, who had worked the previous night until 11 p.m.
If there is a Commanding General Emeritus at MTMC, it is Honor.
Prior to the academic posting, Harvey served as the chief of the Command and Control Center, MTMC Operations Center, Fort Eustis, Va.
Mission success required precise synchronization between MTMC's customer, Combat Equipment Group--Europe and Dutch civil and military authorities, said Lt.