MTMCTEAMilitary Traffic Management Command Transportation Engineering Agency
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Last but not least is the newest addition to the MTMCTEA family of publications, the "Large, Medium-Speed, Roll-on/Roll-off Ships Users' Manual," MTMCTEA Pamphlet 700-6, dated September 2002.
Also, because the strength of polyester straps is comparable to that of MB-1 chains, they may be substituted, one for one, when using the existing tie-down configurations shown in MTMCTEA Reference 98-55-21, "Lifting and Tie-down of U.
MTMCTEA 55-20, Tie-down Handbook for Truck Movements: Presents information on the proper methods for securing general cargo and wheeled and tracked vehicles on military cargo vehicles.
MTMCTEA 55-22, Marine Lifting and Lashing Handbook: Provides users with the proper methods for lifting and securing general equipment aboard ships.
MTMCTEA 55-23, Containerization of Military Vehicles: Details the proper methods for securing military vehicles in ISO containers and on flatracks, as well as basic information gathered through military exercises.
MTMCTEA 55-24, Vehicle Preparation Handbook for Fixed Wing Air Movements: Provides users with general information and the proper methods for the preparation of wheeled and tracked vehicles for transport in Air Force fixed-wing cargo aircraft.
MTMCTEA 70-1, Transportability for Better Deployability: Serves as a guide to transportability.
MTMCTEA 700-1, Airlift Certification Procedures: Establishes uniform procedures for:
MTMCTEA 700-2, Logistics Handbook for Strategic Mobility Planning: Provides a broad range of vital transport information and guidance for planning purposes.