MTMDMultiple Task Multiple Data
MTMDMon Tresor Mon Desert
MTMDMajlis Tindakan Membanteras Dadah (Malay: Drug Eradication Action Council)
MTMDMultiple Tuned Mass Damper (engineering)
MTMDMorrell Tennessee Mountain Dulcimer
MTMDMeltwater.Torrents.Meanderings.Delta (blog)
MTMDMillion Ton Miles per Day (airlift capability)
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Total mass of the MTMD system is expressed by the mass ratio defined as:
where [mu] is the mass ratio of the MTMD system and ms is the mass of the structure.
Tuning frequency ratio of the MTMD system is expressed by:
For the wind excited benchmark building along with MTMD, the governing equations of motion are obtained by considering the equilibrium of forces at the location of each DOF during wind excitations.
d]) is constructed by appending the masses of dampers in MTMD diagonally to the mass matrix (M) as given in Eq.
To know the effectiveness and robustness of MTMD, the response of the wind excited benchmark building by using MTMD is also investigated.
In the second part of the study, the performance of MTMD installed at the top of the building is studied and the optimum parameters are obtained.
MTMD offers the advantages of portability and ease of installation (because of the reduced size of an individual damper), which makes it attractive not only for new installation, but also for temporary use during construction or for retrofitting existing structures.
Further, it can be seen that the performances are generally enhanced when 5 dampers are used in MTMD compared to that of a single TMD.
Frequency band width is one of the important parameters of MTMD which depends on [[omega].
A comparison of the performance criteria of a single TMD and MTMD is given in Table 2.
10] separately, to know the optimum parameters of MTMD.