MTMDMultiple Task Multiple Data
MTMDMon Tresor Mon Desert
MTMDMajlis Tindakan Membanteras Dadah (Malay: Drug Eradication Action Council)
MTMDMultiple Tuned Mass Damper (engineering)
MTMDMorrell Tennessee Mountain Dulcimer
MTMDMeltwater.Torrents.Meanderings.Delta (blog)
MTMDMillion Ton Miles per Day (airlift capability)
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The new system of dynamic equations describing the main vibration modes and the MTMD is composed of (6) and (7).
In this paper, an optimized method for designing CBD parameters is established based on MTMD damping theory, and their vibration reduction effects and contributions to the seismic stability of a coal-fired power plant structure are studied using both shaking table tests and finite element numerical simulations.
(1) The parameter optimization design of CBDs for coal-fired power plant structures can be conducted according to MTMD theory.
Wang and Lin have studied the applicability of multiple tuned mass dampers (MTMD) on the vibration control of irregular buildings modelled as torsional coupled structures due to base motions and the soil-structure interaction (SSI) effect [23].
Cheng, "The optimum MTMD based on parameter combinations and acceleration transfer function," Journal of Vibration and Shock, vol.
Xu and Igusa proposed the concept of multiple TMDs (MTMDs) with different tuned frequencies to control the structural dynamic responses [11].
The above literature review has revealed that the performance of MTMD on the wind excited benchmark building is not studied so far.
The front view of the wind excited benchmark building installed with MTMD at the top floor is shown in Fig.
The parameters of the j1 TMD are mass [m.sub.j], damping [c.sub.j] and stiffness [k.sub.j] Natural frequencies of the MTMD are uniformly distributed around their average frequency.
Figure 14 shows the schematic of magnetically TMD (mTMD).
Experimental Results of Beam with mTMD. The vibration test of the large beam structure with mTMD was performed for three kinds of magnet arrangements.
mTMD, whose weight is the same as TMD, is designed, constructed, and tested.