MTMSMary Tyler Moore Show (TV show)
MTMSMedication Therapy Management Services
MTMSMiami Trace Middle School (Ohio)
MTMSMunitions Transportation Management System (USTRANSCOM)
MTMSMathematics Teaching in Middle School
MTMSMountain Trail Middle School (Phoenix, AZ)
MTMSMaritime Tactical Message System
MTMSMulti-Tier Management System
MTMSMulti Sensor Multi Target
MTMSManheim Township Middle School (Lancaster, PA)
MTMSMaria Therese Montessori School
MTMSMobile Terminated Mobile Station
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Based on an MTMS model, coefficients can be calculated to reflect the proportion of variance explained by trait, state residual, and error variables.
Among the large numbers of MTM structures reported in the past years, the fishnet has proven to provide a good performance for high-frequency and quasioptical applications [24-30].
In order to obtain the aerogels' hydrophobic properties, a chemical treatment of the suspensions with the use of the methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) was carried out at a concentration of 2% in mass, according to our previous work [25].
Substantial changes in expression levels associated with Th1 polarisation were found in genes coding for regulators of the phosphorylation state of phosphoinositides (MTMs), the MAPK signalling module (MKPs), the actin cytoskeleton (Slingshots or SSHs), and the cell cycle (CDC25s and CDKN3) (Table 2).
The study presents two cases of MTMs. The first one is a wideband (-[epsilon]) negative permittivity (ENG), whereas the second one is double negative (DNG).
At 1 week after denervation, 200 [micro]L phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) containing 1 x [10.sup.6] suspended MTMs was injected into the medial gastrocnemius muscle through a 0.5-cm incision.
The cross-linker was tetra-functional alkoxysilane (TEOS) or tri-functional alkoxysilane (OTMS and MTMS).
(15) A glass substrate dipped in a mixture of methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS), ammonium hydroxide, and a large amount of methanol can realize superhydrophobicity, but a post-synthesis modification is needed, by which methyl groups were introduced using a solution of methyltrichlorosilane or hexamethyldisilazane in hexane.
In March 1941 X MAS deployed six one-man crash boats known as MTMs against British units at Suda Bay, Crete, and sank the heavy cruiser York and the tanker Pericles.
In Section 3, an experiment and a simulation of the chiral MTMs based on discontinuous bilayer cross-wires structure are proposed.
"Metamaterials" (MTMs) are engineered to modify the bulk permeability and/or permittivity of the medium.