MTMTSMilitary Traffic Management & Terminal System
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"Its organizational structure and mission have evolved; its headquarters and units have made numerous relocations; and the command has changed its name, from MTMTS to MTMC to SDDC.
The formation of the MTMTS resulted in tremendous change in the Command's organization.
In 1966 the Transportation Engineering Agency, Fort Eustis, Virginia, the Army's only activity with traffic and transportability engineering expertise, became a major component of MTMTS. To streamline operations further, the Command then disestablished that headquarters in early 1967 and transferred its functions to Eastern Area.
MTMTS provided support for the Vietnam War through cargo operations at its military ocean terminals at Oakland, California (MOTBA), Bayonne, New Jersey (MOTBY), and Sunny Point, North Carolina (MOTSU) as well as commercial ports.
As a means of easing serious congestion and ship delay, MTMTS in 1966 initiated a practice of sending full shiploads to single ports of debarkation in theater whenever possible.
Since the very first Eastern and Western Area Training Workshops (organized by then MTMTS), NDTA has been a loyal partner sponsoring and coordinating the industry and government exhibits held concurrently with the workshops.
Her philosophy was apparently shared by the MTMTS Commander, MG Clarence J.
Frequently she would host NDTA and MTMTS social events (many times in her own home) and would always prepare all of the food and refreshments at her own expense.
Guyotte, Jr., Executive Assistant to the Commander of Military Traffic Management and Terminal Service (MTMTS), has been selected chairman of a special committee to develop and monitor the program.
The success of the program was recognized by DoD when the MTMTS Distinguished Service Award was presented to Handi-Vet Chairman, Roland Guyotte, of MTMTS.
Major NDTA programs in our 25th year included: increased support of the Services "new" unitization/containerization concept, and promotion of a radically new idea called "Inventory-in-Motion." The initial planning committee meeting for NDTA's "New Youth Program," later to become the "U-30 Program" (for under 30 years old) and then the A-35 Program, was held at MTMTS (MTMC/SDDC) Headquarters.