MTNAMusic Teachers' National Association
MTNAMiddle Tennessee Nursery Association (McMinnville, Tennessee)
MTNAMoney Transfer New Architecture (global initiative; various nations)
MTNAMarangoni Tread North America Inc. (Madison, TN)
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After welcoming the members in attendance, President Smith introduced the MTNA Board of Directors:
As a result, the music teaching profession and MTNA are no longer just anchored to our national roots.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact MTNA headquarters at or (888) 512-5278.
The MTNA Past Presidents who were in attendance were then recognized: James Norden (1993-1995), Phyllis Pieffer (2003-2005), Gail Berenson (2007-2009), Ann Gipson (2009-2011), Benjamin Caton (2011-2013) and Ken Christensen (2013-2015).
MTNA Board of Directors has been cognizant of the need to foster growth,
This simple phrase summarizes the goal of MTNA's 2017-2018 membership marketing plans.
Charlie Liu, a student of MTNA member Ingrid Clarfield, placed second at the competition.
Lancaster, NCTM; Iris Manus; Holden's teacher Matthew Hagle; and MTNA Composition Competitions Coordinator Chris Goldston, NCTM.
Pictured with Nathan are, from left, MTNA Composition Competitions Coordinator Chris Goldston, NCTM; Sharon Van Valin, NCTM, teacher; and MTNA Executive Director & CEO Gary L.
Rebecca Liu, front, was the winner of the MTNA Elementary Composition Competition sponsored by Morty and Iris Manus.
The MTNA Specialist Program provides music teachers an opportunity to obtain a designation as a teaching specialist in the areas of Recreational Music Making and Group Teaching.
* Ballots must arrive at MTNA National Headquarters by 12:00 MIDNIGHT EST, March 1, 2013.