MTND2Mitochondrially Encoded NADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Dehydrogenase 2 (genetics)
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Mitochondrial ND2 (mtND2) gene evolves comparatively at a high rate (Otto et al.
In the present study mtND2 gene was utilized for characterization of Pakistani rose-ringed parakeet.
In all samples we found the following homoplasmic deviations from the standard GenBank sequence, NC_001807: MTND1, 3423T [right arrow] C (Va1 [right arrow] Va1), 3480A [right arrow] G; MTND2, 4769A [right arrow] G; MTND3, 10398A [right arrow] G; MTND4L, 10550A [right arrow] G, 10632T [right arrow] C (Leu [right arrow] Leu); MTND4, 11299T [right arrow] C,11467A [right arrow] G,11719G [right arrow] A; MTND5,12372G [right arrow] A; MTND6, 14167C [right arrow] T; and MTTL2, 12308A [right arrow] G.