MTNSMountains (street suffix)
MTNSMathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (conference)
MTNSMultiTransport Networking Service (XO Communications, Inc.)
MTNSMetal Thick Nitride Semiconductor (electronics)
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The rating of MBTh's guaranteed MTNs are at the highest end of the National Rating scale, therefore there is no potential rating upside.
The CNY318m payment is the depositary and custodian for the CNY300m five-year unsecured medium-term notes due 3 May 2017 issued by Yingli China in May 2012 (the 2012 MTNs), representing payment in full of the principal of, and accrued interests on, the 2012 MTNs.
According to BoCom's announcement, resolutions passed by holders of the MTNs mainly include the following:
Kookmin Bank -- Subordinated/junior subordinated MTNs of (P)A2/(P)A2
Fannie Mae will redeem on 13 August 2012 USD50m of 3% MTNs maturing on 13 August 2015.
Occasional in Hajar Mtns near springs and seeps, typically among Adiantum capillus-veneris.
The MTNs will be backed by loans guaranteed by Ex-Im and other U.S.
The countrys biggest mobile operator by subscribers, MTN Ghana will this year make an investment of USD96 million to upgrade network.
Fannie Mae will redeem on 6 August 2012 USD50m of 1.25% MTNs maturing on 6 August 2015.
In July, the ministry has announced plans to issue euro-denominated MTNs on international markets starting later this year to finance the budget deficit.
In terms of perpetual MTN underwriting to meet the long-term funding demand of enterprises, the Bank underwrote as lead manager a total of nine perpetual MTNs last year with a value of RMB 12.1 billion, ranking first among domestic commercial banks, which laid a solid foundation for more enterprises to issue such MTNs and set a strong example.