MTOAMichigan Tactical Officers Association (est. 1988)
MTOAMarine Trader Owners Association (now Marine Trawler Owners Association)
MTOAMarine Trawler Owners Association (formerly Marine Trader Owners Association)
MTOAMichigan Tavern Owners Association
MTOAMidland Tree Officers' Association (UK)
MTOAMetroplex Tennis Officials Association (Texas)
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This is the first task order for field work awarded by Los Alamos National Laboratory under the MTOA, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
This is the first of many task orders to be issued under the MTOA, which as previously announced, are partially funded by the ARRA and contain a maximum approved capacity of $100M.
The Team, including SEC's protege company ARS International (ARS), was awarded one of four MTOA contracts from LANL.