MTOAMetroplex Tennis Officials Association (Texas)
MTOAMichigan Tactical Officers Association (est. 1988)
MTOAMarine Trader Owners Association (now Marine Trawler Owners Association)
MTOAMarine Trawler Owners Association (formerly Marine Trader Owners Association)
MTOAMichigan Tavern Owners Association
MTOAMidland Tree Officers' Association (UK)
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MTOA president Abdul Satar Bunerwal told journalists that the members of the association held detailed and successful talks with the DPO at his office.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: MTOA (Manufacture de Tabacs de l'Ouest Africain), Philip Morris Manufacturing Senegal
The nodal agency for the grant of Long Term Access (LTA) / Medium Term Open Access (MTOA) is Central Transmission Utility (CTU) and for STOA is the Regional Load Dispatch Center (RLDC).