MTOPMetal Top
MTOPMinisterio de Transporte Y Obras Públicas (Uruguay)
MTOPMulti-Technology OSS Program (TeleManagement Forum)
MTOPMaximum Take-off Power
MTOPMichigan Teen Outreach Program
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Asignacion El MTOP asigno directamente la concesion a la CND, la concesion facultado por la norma de contratacion publica (TOCAF), en virtud de que el conde cesionario es una entidad publica.
Robert Majak, assistant secretary for export administration at the Commerce Departments Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) said while the Playstation 2 devices almost assuredly clock more than 6 MTOPs, there are more efficient and more commercially-available devices - desktop PCs that measure speeds of up to 6,500 MTOPs, for example - than this holiday's scarcest gift.
Stuck in their Cold War habits and accustomed to decontrolling just enough technology to keep licensing officers busy, the bureaucracy tweaked the licensing level only to 67 MTOPS in August 1993.
Computers that perform at more than 2,000 Mtops can expect export delays.
Certainly, given quality test data, marginally more computing power is marginally more beneficial, but systems of several thousand Mtops offer no truly exceptional and discontinuous advantages for nuclear weapons design over a few easily networked lesser machines.
The new level above which an individual license will be required for exports to Tier-2 countries is 45,000 MTOPS (millions of theoretical operations per second).
The biggest change under the under the Administration's plan is that computers that perform at up to 6,500 MTOPS can be exported to tier-three countries, such as China, Israel and India, without approval from the US government.
The actual MTOPS performed by an HPC over a period of time can vary, based on which operations are performed (some can take longer than others or can be performed while other operations are taking place) and the real cycle speed of the computer.
Individual chips rated over 2,000 MTOPS will be on sale commercially by late 1999 or early 2000.
Countries such as China and Israel, which are considered tier three states, can be sold devices rated between 2,000 and 7,000 MTOPS for civilian purposes, with the approval of the US government.