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MTPMedia Transfer Protocol
MTPMeet the Press (NBC news program)
MTPMessage Transfer Part
MTPMedium-Term Plan
MTPMicrosomal Triglyceride Transfer Protein
MTPMedia Termination Point (Cisco)
MTPMicrowave Temperature Profiler
MTPMulticast Transport Protocol
MTPMulti-Terrain Pattern (British Army; UK)
MTPManagement Trainee Program (Canada)
MTPMultiple Time Programmable (electronics)
MTPMessage Transfer Protocol (SS7)
MTPMilitary Toxics Project
MTPMitochondrial Trifunctional Protein
MTPMail Transport Protocol
MTPMaintenance Test Pilot
MTPMovement for Tolerance and Progress (Burkina Faso)
MTPMinutes to Post (horse racing; time before the race is run)
MTPMaster Treatment Plan
MTPManufacturing Technology Partnership
MTPMove to Production
MTPMultiple Spanning Tree (IEEE 802.1s)
MTPMultipoint-to-Point (network)
MTPMicro-Titer Plate
MTPMulticast Translator Based on IGMP/MLD Proxying
MTPMaximum Total Trihalomethane Potential
mtpMassive Transfusion Protocol
MTPManufacturing Technology Program
MTPMessage Transfer Point
MTPMiles Tails Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog game character)
MTPMaster of Town Planning
MTPMinimum Tour Price (airfare construction)
mTPMitochondrial Transit Peptide
MTPModel Taper Pipe (engineering)
MTPMulti-TADIL Processor
MTPMilly Tiklanish Democratic Partiya (Democratic National Rebirth Party, Uzbekistan)
MTPMateriel Transfer Plan
MTPMaster Timing Pulse
MTPMotor Thermal Protection
MTPMater Test Plan
MTPMaritime Tactical Publication
MTPMaster Test Procedure
MTPMulti Threat Protection (vests)
MTPMean Temperature and Pressure
MTPMetal Transfer Printing
MTPMaster Training/Test Plan
MTPMaintenance Test Plan
MTPMaintenance Test Package
MTPMulti Thread Programming
MTPMuy Tu Problema
MTPMission Test/Training Plan
MTPMission Tailored Product
MTPMain Teaching Points
MTPMilitary Training Plan
MTPMaster of Town and Country Planning
MTPMedium Term Priority (various organizations)
MTPMedical Termination of Pregnancy
MTPMassage Therapy Program
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Under the international sanctions which ended in 2016, the PRTC developed MTP know-how and built Iran's first MTP pilot plant in southwestern Mahshahr county.
MTP II, sometimes called plica ventricularis, is a supraglottic muscle tension characterized by medial compression of the false vocal folds.
The first bucket (labeled #1) includes an MTP workflow job aid with critical bullet points.
The system also includes Base 8 plug-and-play MTP trunk assemblies, MTP jumpers and hybrid equipment cords for backbone and equipment connections.
Using immunofluorescence microscopy with anti-MTP antibodies, Alteri (16) detected expression of MTP in a previous study with A549 epithelial cells.
Attempt at closed reduction of the 4th MTP joint was unsuccessful.
The new 40/100G fibre cabling solutions also include single MTP jumpers, conversion cords that transition two 12-fibre MTPs to one 24-fibre MTP for use with current 100 gigabit channels based on 20 fibres, and LC to MTP 4X10G hybrid cords that transition one MTP to four duplex LC connectors for use with 40 gigabit applications based on aggregation of multiple 10 gigabit ports.
MTP was formed four years ago by managing director Mike Jepson and research and development manager Peter Finan.
The new CSA MTP programme is designed to accelerate worldwide access and the adoption of the CSA's CCSK certification, where companies will receive the training they need to develop a programme that fits the unique security needs of their organisation," she said.
It also documents the actions of the nineteen other battalions and units of the National Guard fighting with MTP 286 during the invasion as well as the general climate within the Guard during those critical years.
The modules increase the effectiveness of MTP, a USB-based protocol used by Rhapsody, Napster, Verizon V CAST and other online video and music services.