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MTPEMission To Planet Earth
MTPEMuseums Teaching Planet Earth (Rice University and Houston Museum of Natural Science)
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Women's educational level (Blondet & Montero, 1994; MTPE, 2006) has been a factor which has propelled the presence of women in the labour market.
MTPE carried out by participants was to be screen recorded, with gestures and audio comments also recorded with a webcam.
per os.); groups 4-6: diabetic + MTPE at respective dose of 50 mg/kg 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg.
(6) Sobre las elasticidades empleo producto en la Argentina, consultar Beccaria y Mauritzio (2012), y en Peru, MTPE (2013).
Grafico 4 Registros sindicales durante 2014 (Peru) Federaciones 11,2.5% Confederaciones 1,0.2% Delegados 181,41.4% Sindicatos 244,55.8% Fuente: MTPE Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico segmentado.
Of those published articles many focus on case studies, and various methods of treatment (cTPE or mTPE), set-up considerations and complications, and our recent experience endeavours to build on this knowledge.
Under the terms of an initial three years agreement, the partnership will co-promote Cardiome's AGGRASTAT (tirofiban HCL) and MTPE's EXEMBOL (argatroban monohydrate), thereby leveraging their existing sales forces and investments in this UK.
Lima, Peru: Ministerio de Trabajo y Promocion del Empleo (MTPE), 2004, 1-32.
In the 1980s a small band of bureaucratic advocates sold NASA on a major new program of earth observations called, until recently, Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE), the centerpiece of which was a set of large highly advanced satellites called the Earth Observation System (EOS) (Lambright, 1994).
The Peruvian Air Line SAC company and its workers' union signed a partial agreement, favorable to 43 workers, after a conciliation meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE).
De acuerdo a los Cuadros 1, 2, 3, 4 y 5 se muestra la Matriz de Riesgo Laboral para la Identificacion de Peligros y Evaluacion y Control de Riesgos (IPERC) de la Miniplanta de Hilanderia y Tejeduria usando la metodologia sugerida por el Ministerio de Trabajo y Promocion del Empleo (MTPE) que muestra valores entre 6 y 22, lo que significa que el grado de riesgo es calificado entre bajo y moderado, es decir, como Riesgo No Significativo.
Ambas competencias de este organismo se encuentran contempladas bajo el primero componente de la intervencion, por lo cual se demandarian coordinaciones con el MTPE.