MTPIMove to Previous Instruction
MTPIMaryland Technology Partnership for Innovation (business and technology consortium; Columbia, MD)
MTPIMaster of Town Planning (degree; UK)
MTPIMessage Transfer Part Interface
MTPIMultiphase Test Point Insertion
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6) Las siglas de esta columna tienen las siguientes equivalencias: UC = educacion universitaria completa; UI = educacion universitaria incompleta; UIC = educacion universitaria incompleta congelada; TPC = educacion tecnica-profesional completa; TPI = educacion tecnica- profesional incompleta; MC = educacion media completa; MI = educacion media incompleta; MTPC = educacion media-tecnica profesional completa; MTPI = educacion media-tecnica profesional incompleta; BC = educacion basica completa; BI = educacion basica incompleta.
The emergence of MTPI technologies solves a number of problems for the mobile industry, ranging from the need to expand feature sets and improve battery life to increasing bandwidth and lowering costs through component reuse.