MTPLMotor Third Party Liability
MTPLMiddletown Township Public Library (Middletown, NJ)
MTPLMangalam Timber Products Ltd. (West Bengal, India)
MTPLMaximum Tolerable Path Loss
MTPLMonroe Township Public Library (Monroe Township, NJ)
MTPLMMTC Transnational Pte Limited (Singapore)
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In the first six months of this year in Latvia, the volume of gross written insurance premiums has been largest in health insurance EUR 13.9 million (+0.5 percent), CASCO insurance EUR 8.7 million (+8.5 percent) and MTPL insurance EUR 7.1 million (-11 percent).
The main source of historical volatility has been the MTPL portfolio, which was put into run-off in 2014.
This reflected an improvement in the combined ratio to 84% in 9M18 from 125% in 9M17 on the reserve releases made in the compulsory MTPL and real estate insurance and also due to a notable cut in administrative expenses.
Abbasbeyli noted that if it is decided to differentiate MTPL tariffs, the system applied in compulsory insurance of real estate could be used.
The results for total pulp weight (MTPL), a highly valued characteristic (Table 3), were close to those reported by Da Luz et al., (2011), who found mean value of 14.3 g, minimum value of 3.5 g and maximum value of 31.4 g, for pequis from the state of Minas Gerais, while for the average pulp weight (MMPL) (Table 03), the values were within those reported by Vera et al.
In mice, the MTPL was 126.72 in Group A, 88.50 in Group B, 51.83 in Group C, and 32.21 in Group D in the early phase, whereas in late phase it was 249.16 in Group A, 60.01 in Group B, 35.66 in Group C, and 16.83 in Group D (Tables 1 and 2).
Mahesh Mistry, director and co-author of the report, said, "Companies that continue to write unprofitable tariffed MTPL hope that profits from comprehensive motor are sufficient to absorb MTPL losses.
--Increase of the guaranteed sum (policy limit) in the compulsory MTPL insurance--in accordance with the EU directives (in 2004 set as 350 000 EUR for bodily injuries per person and 200 000 EUR for property damages per accident; currently 5 mln EUR for bodily injuries and 1 mln EUR for property damages, both per accident);
The CIRC has taken measures to address these issues, such as introducing differential tariffs in certain provinces and enforcing acceptance of MTPL applications.
On exam, he is afebrile with some mild swelling and pain to passive range of motion of his first metatarsophalangeal (MTPl).
Leveraging the company's advanced PA (Process Automation) product basket, MTPL will be focusing on the social infrastructure & PA business, which is expected to emerge as the leading automation market in India.
(MTPL) as reflected by net loss reported during FY07 to FY09 period, high overall gearing, small size of operations and reschedulement of term loans.