MTPNMajlis Tindakan Pelancongan Negeri (Malay: State Tourism Action Council)
MTPNMethionine Free Total Parenteral Nutrition
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Therefore, consistency in specification program can verify by detecting the cycle in MTPN Model.
Next (Figure 19) shows a model of hyper-presentation in (Figure 18) with MTPN and it is easy to know that the cycle occurs between the presentations due to connection of cue.
Figure 19) that is a modeling with MTPN shows occurrence of cycle between the presentations and (Figure 21) also shows that the cycle occurs when the modeling was described with MTPN.
On the basis of such description, this paper proposes the algorithm to detect cycle on a MTPN Model.
To detect cycle on a MTPN Model, allocate the set of place P that is executed first to time function [tau] between the presentations and every time when the time function [tau] moves one by one, put this value to [w.