MTRCAMetropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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Of MTRCA respondents, two-thirds accurately described the regulations' purpose.
ERCA staff monitored 70 percent of permit recipients to check for compliance to permit conditions, while MTRCA staff monitored 83 percent of permit recipients.
In addition, without a construction regulation, MTRCA could not order the removal of offending structures.
MTRCA required a longer permit review period (47 days on average), which was unacceptable to the majority (63 percent) of permit recipients.
The cost of permits was acceptable to half of responding ERCA permit applicants, whereas almost three-quarters (74 percent) of MTRCA permit applicants rated it acceptable.
This deficiency has important implications for the regulation program at the MTRCA, which has taken the position that construction activity can not be regulated on flood- and erosion-prone shorelines because the CA Act has not defined the regional storm for Lake Ontario.
This lack of deterrence likely contributes to frequent violations (38 per 100 development projects) in the MTRCA jurisdiction.
Shoreline development regulations implemented by ERCA and MTRCA have been moderately effective in reducing flood- and erosion-susceptible shoreline development.