MTREFMedium-Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework (budget projection; South Africa)
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In terms of the 2009 regulations, municipalities must submit their 2017/18 MTREF budgets in the prescribed A1 Schedules as per the regulations.
Expenditure on the four trading services will increase to R32.1 billion and increase to R33.9 billion in the outer years of the MTREF. The 2017/18 capital budget reflects a R45.3 billion investment in new infrastructure which is 64.1 per cent of the total capital budget.
While 231 of 257 (90 per cent) municipalities managed to achieve this reconciliation last year, for the 2017/18 MTREF 238 of 257 (93 per cent) municipalities were verified as reconciling.
Expenditure for 2013/14 is 9.1 per cent higher than the 2012/13 MTREF.