MTRGMarine Turtle Research Group (Centre for Ecology and Conservation; University of Exeter in Cornwall; UK)
MTRGMultiple Traffic Router Grapher (open source software)
MTRGMoving Target Research Group (marketing)
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Tenders are invited for G i pipe 40 mm 21 mtrg i pipe 25 mm 21 mtrg i strip 50 mtrearth pit resistance stick 07 nocutting of pipe 1.6 inch(4.8 inchx 7) 42 inchcutting of pipe 1 inch (3 inch x 7) 21 inchbrick work foundation 1.6 1.68 cu mtrproviding, Laying in position specified cement concrete including cost 1.51 cu mtr
MTRG graba la informacion en archivos de bitacora por cada equipo.