MTRMMountaintop Removal Mining
MTRMMode Transverse Resonance Method
MTRMMulti-User Transmitted Reference Modulation
MTRMMedical Therapeutical Resonance Music (music therapy)
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This includes the sum of the energy consumed to transmit (broadcast) the MTRM packets to the nodes in the neighbourhood and to receive the MTRM packet sent by each node in the neighbourhood, summed over all the nodes.
The multicast extensions of LPBR work as follows: When a source attempts to construct a multicast tree, it floods a Multicast Tree Request Message (MTRM) throughout the network.
For both flooding and DMEF, the energy consumed increases with increase in network density, attributed to the involvement of multiple nodes in the broadcast of the MTRMs. In low-density networks, the energy consumed per tree discovery using flooding is 10-22%, 19-35% and 14-20% more than that of the energy consumed per tree discovery using DMEF in low, moderate and high node mobility conditions respectively.