MTRSMeridian, Township, Range, Section (surveys; various locations)
MTRSMean Time to Restore Service (ITU-T)
MTRSMassachusetts Teachers' Retirement System
MTRSMan Transportable Robot System
MTRSMessage Transport and Routing Service (Telcordia)
MTRSMontana Teachers' Retirement System
MTRSMcMurdo TDRSS Relay System (NASA)
MTRSModular Telemetry Receiving System
MTRSMesh Topology, Routing, and Spare Capacity
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According to the association, over the last ten years, across the 27 EU countries, the total cost of MTRs was in excess of 100 billion for European consumers, who see these tariffs reflected in their invoices.
She will consult the sector by the end of the month and publish a recommendation in the autumn - which will be non-binding but highly incentivising - aimed at harmonising the calculation method of MTRs at EU level.
Convinced that MTRs will fall, Reding has nothing against this (3553).
2) 7914n146-cloth for shirt angola drab each piece contain 1.63 mtrs of superior quality to is :8331:2003 variety no-1,width 1.48 mtrs and length 1.63 mtrs,construction particular-blend wool- 50% and :polyester
2 Cotton Bandage cloth, 15 cm x 5 mtrs, IS (1 X 12 Rolls) 2724228
3 Cotton Bandage cloth, 10 cm x 4 mtrs, ,(1 X 12 Rolls) 3108740
4 Cotton Bandage cloth, 5 cm x 4 mtrs (1 X 12 Rolls) 2615448
5 Cotton crepe Bandages BP,10 cm X 4.5 mtrs (1 X 10 Rolls) 672250
to 2040 =150 mtrs,) Right bank (from RD 2890 to 2970 =80 mtrs, RD 6030 to 6180 =150
mtrs, RD 7480 to 7514 =34 mtrs) Document cost : INR 800 EMD value : INR 35364 Opening date : 29 Nov 2018
Batten 20 mm x 13 mm x 1.80 mtrs ( 3/4" x 1/2 " ) to the entire satisfaction of the General Manager, the BEST Undertaking, Mumbai, in accordance with the Undertakings specifications and requirements attached to this tender accompanying these instructions.