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MTS1Multiple Tumor Suppressor 1
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Marolin et al., "The role ofS100a4 (Mts1) in Apc- and Smad4-driven tumour onset and progression," European Journal of Cancer, vol.
Romanova et al., "A new role for PGRP-S (Tag7) in immune defense: lymphocyte migration is induced by a chemoattractant complex of Tag7 with Mts1," Cell Cycle, vol.
Dow Chemical will combine the Motorola MTS4 with the Motorola MTS1 TETRA base station, a comprehensive coverage solution that can be rapidly installed and commissioned.
P16/ MTS1 and pRB expression in endometrial carcinomas.
MTS1. Factorial (Groups X Classes) Examination of MTS Performance: These analyses involved an investigation of whether participants in the three groups would form some stimulus classes more readily than others.
This patent is Myriad's sixth covering aspects of the p16 (MTS1) gene, its protein, and their use in therapeutic and predictive medicine product development.
Experimental design and nomenclature for six independent groups assigned according to method type and complexity (N = 60) Behaviours 1 2 3 Group PIR1 PIR2 PIR3 Reading Reading & Reading & writing writing & clasping Observers 10 10 10 Group MTS1 MTS2 MTS3 Reading Reading & Reading & writing writing & clasping Observers 10 10 10 Observers were then randomly allocated half to MTS and half to PIR observation method subgroups for the remainder of the session and seated so that no two observers using the same method sat next to each other.