MTSPMedium Term Strategic Plan (UNICEF)
MTSPMedical Technology Service Providers Inc. (Canada)
MTSPMultiple Traveling Salesman Problem
MTSPMiddle Tennessee School of Preaching and Biblical Studies (College Grove, TN)
MTSPMass Transit Security Program
MTSPManaged Telecom Service Provider
MTSPMicroelectronics Technology Support Program
MTSPMusic Therapy St. Pete, LLC (St. Petersburg, FL)
MTSPMaintenance Test Support Package
MTSPMulti Tier Security Profile
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Therefore, vehicles capabilities and requests requirements are considered and included in the mTSP implementation.
Presented a new genetic-ant colony optimization [168] algorithm in a fuzzy-rough set environment for solving problems related to the solid multiple Travelling Sun and Ma [169] Salesmen Problem (mTSP) Introduced a novel model to evaluate emergency plans for unconventional emergency events using soft fuzzy-rough set theory Table 8: Distribution of papers based on the name of journals.
The goal to find K clusters in a given network such that each node belongs to only one cluster is similar in solving MTSP problem.
Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem (mTSP) can be considered as the generalization of the original TSP which is used as a platform for the study of general methods that can be applied to a wide range of discrete optimization problems.
El algoritmo de Lin-Kernighan ha sido una de los metodos heuristicos mas eficientes propuesto para el mTSP [25], aunque fue originalmente desarrollado para el TSP.
--agent based modelling with probability collectives: (Anand et al., 2010) developed a multi-agent model to solve the MTSP problem where they used collective memory, probability collectives, and stochastic methods, the algorithm use simple inserting, swap and elimination heuristics.
Named the multi-tiered security profiles (MTSP), this service allows government entities to select from four different security tiers that are specifically matched to the respective agency's mission criticality and information sensitivity.
The service was developed jointly by Helsinki City Transport and Plusdial MTSP Finland and it works with Radiolinja, Sonera and Telia mobile phone connections.
The Multiple Travelling Salesman Problem (MTSP) is a generalization of TSP in which more than one salesman is used in the solution and a common city, the depot, is used as starting and ending point by all the salesmen.
This problem is quite similar to the well-known Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem (MTSP) [1013], a generalization of the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) [14-16], that can be stated as follows: given n nodes (targets) and m salesmen (agents), the MTSP consists of finding m closed tours (paths start and end at the starting point of the agents), such that each target is visited only once and by only one agent and the total cost of visiting all nodes is minimal.
the WIPO MTSP and P&B documents between 2016 and 2017.
In terms of task allocation models, researchers usually abstracted the task allocation problem into existing mature models such as multiple travelling salesman problem (MTSP), mixed integer linear programming (MILP), and vehicle routing problem (VRP).