MTSRMagnetic Tape Seek Reverse
MTSRMetadata and Semantics Research (Conference)
MTSRMarine Transportation Security Regulations (Canada)
MTSRMean Time to Service Restoral (ITS)
MTSRMinimum Technical Specification Required (textiles)
MTSRMean Time to Service Repair
MTSRMaximum Temperature Attainable by the Synthesis Reaction
MTSRMansfield Technology Sales Recruitment (Surrey, England, UK)
MTSRMaritime Transportation System Recovery
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Scholars and practitioners in the fields of metadata, data, and semantics will attend the International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR'16).
Tenders are invited for Permanent Restoration of lining wall on both sides RD 200- 900 mtsr at spots of Traphoo Ladi
Researchers and practitioners will discuss the use of metadata and semantics in different disciplines at the Fifth Metadata and Semantics Research Conference (MTSR 2011), along with case studies and technical issues.
Tenders are invited for Lot 1 - vibration control system (measuring range 16.6 - 140 dB, frequency range 3 Hz - 20 kHz, the analysis in 1.1 and 3.1 octave bands) with extra accessories: a source of noise, calibration pistofon, vibrostil production Bruel & Kjaer (or equivalent) - 1 .; Lot 2 - degree of hardness Rockwell MTP 1st level - 3 sets, measures the hardness of Rockwell Super MTSR 1st level - 3 sets, measures the hardness Shor 1st level - 3 sets, Rockwell NC indenter (cone) - 3 sets, indenter Super Rockwell NC (cone) - 3 sets, Shor indenter (diamond) - 3 sets, digital hardness tester Shore TS-C or equivalent - 1 unit.
Note: Qty Distribution Of 106947 Mtrs - 1 97717 Mtsr Of Dy.Cmm.Mtn And 2 9230 Mtrs Of Sse/Str Shop/Parel.