MTSUMiddle Tennessee State University
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The MTSU School of Concrete and Construction Management's Concrete Industry Management Program is designed to combat the anticipated shortage of managers needed to support projected business growth.
Andrew Dix, assistant professor of communication at MTSU. Further, eight out of the 15 most penalized teams were HBCU teams.
I requested data from the Office IEPR at MTSU. The data covered a period of six years and included 5803 individuals.
"After deliberating long and hard, Holly decided to sign for MTSU.
Agreements signed between MTSU and Tennessee Board of Regents colleges in recent years allow two-year students to enroll as MTSU students while still pursuing an associate degree.
Gina Logue (Middle Tennessee State University chapter secretary and public relations officer and former president) is an award-winning producer and media representative in the Office of News and Public Affairs at MTSU, her alma mater.
Ward is a professor in nursing at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and currently serves as Interim Director of the School of Nursing.
The participants of our study were residential lead-based paint remediation workers in the state of Tennessee contracted by the Tennessee Lead Elimination Action Program (TN LEAP) grant based in Middle Tennessee State University's (MTSU) Engineering Technology Department.
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The author attempts to fill this void by discussing her administrative experiences with Middle Tennessee State University's (MTSU) space budgeting processes and her observations of space budgeting practices at other institutions.
After obtaining the rank of full professor in the summer of 2008 at MTSU, Gilbert felt the need to purge her office of papers, folders, books, computer files and artifacts that she had been collecting since she started working on her doctorate several years ago.