MTTHMean Time To Happen
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Thoracic and abdominal body segmentation (Figs 1-3, 11-17): Three thoracic segments (Figs 1-3,pth, msth, mtth), each slightly increasing in length posteriad; abd 1-7 of more-or-less equal length, sub-triangular at lateromedial edges; msth, mtth and abd 1-7 each with one dorsolateral and one ventrolateral tubule (Fig.
Shape (n = 10), broad, cylindrical, strongly dorsoventrally flattened and markedly wider at anterior end in region of abd 1 and abd 2 (abd 2 normally widest), posteriorly narrowed at abd 7 and andi, posterior end truncate (all puparia examined with a semipliable, waxy substance adhering to posterior end, presumably secreted from anus during pupariation), transverse folds, and creeping welts on msth, mtth and abd 1-7 apparent, but less pronounced than larva; dorsal pits, and lateral processes indistinct; deep, lateral, crease-like indentations (allowing articulation) strongly developed between abd 5 & 6 and abd 6 & 7 (Fig.
Accordingly, if a human source which a biblical historian is using has a mistake in it, such as the Septuagint's mistranslation of mtth, "bed," in Gen.