MTTOMichael Todd True Organics Skincare
MTTOMalignant Tracheobronchial Tree Obstructions (pulmonary medicine)
MTTOMean Time To Obsolescence
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23, 24, 25, 26 and its minor coming under HLBC, and Removal of silt and jungle from Ch: 22000 Mtto 23000 Mt, Ch: 23000 Mt to24000 Mt,Ch:24000Mtto25000 Mt,Ch:25000Mtto26000 Mt,Ch: 28000 Mtto 29000 Mt& Ch: 29000 Mtto30000 Mtof SRD (N) canaland from Ch 0.00 km to 1.75 km of Samudravalli main canal and its distributories in 1st stage of Kachenahalli LIS.
Contract Awarded for Mtto and exploitation of information systems of the southern drna
Servicios de desarrollo y mtto. de las aplicaciones de Gestin Empresarial de Aena, S.A.
Contract awarded for Mtto. Trash Compactor Corrective Hcm