MTUAMersey Tunnels Users Association (UK)
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MTUA spokesman John McGoldrick said that if it was not for the tunnel users' group, toll increases would be higher and more frequent.
on But the MTUA said: "Though this proposal is better than the usual fare doled out to users of the tunnels, it is nothing like what was supposed to happen."
But the MTUA claimed there remained a "very big sting in the tail, as the report to members implied that the toll will almost certainly be increased in 2011".
John McGoldrick, of MTUA, which campaigns for the scrapping of the tolls, said: "This is good news for Mersey tunnel users, although we still want the tolls to be removed.
But Dave Loudon, the chairman of the MTUA, urged those who use the tunnels to join the protest or complain directly to their MP and local councillors.
If the tunnels were assimilated into the national road network then running costs should be lower, but in any case the MTUA believe that the tunnels should be financed from the pounds 50bn a year that the Government receives from drivers and not from either tolls or council taxes.
John McGoldrick, MTUA secretary, said: "The tunnel tolls effectively divide families and friends.
Even the MTUA would concede the comparison between a narrow bridge built in 1767 charging cars a 5p toll and the 1934 Mersey Tunnel, once the largest crossriver tunnel in the world, does not compare.
MTUA chairman Dave Loudon urged those who use the tunnels to come to the protest, or if they could not come to contact their MP and local councillors.