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Moreover, MTWC team would be united with the other federally funded centers to create a national network in order to raise transportation workforce development across the nation.
MTWC is then naturally defined as the change in total welfare cost divided by the additional per capita tax revenue raised, or MTWC = [lim.sub.w' [right arrow] w](E'F - EB)/HE', where point H identifies the intersection of qq and vertical line D(T - L').
(7) [MCF.sub.1] = [lim.sub.w' [right arrow] w] DF - AB/HE' = 1 + MTWC
Note also that it is possible for MTWC to be less than zero and for [MCF.sub.1] to be less than one, even with this definition.
If a second-best tax system is uniformly more marginally distortionary, that is, has a positive MTWC for all possible positive public goods levels, then the second-best optimum level of G will lie below the first-best level.