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MTWC is then naturally defined as the change in total welfare cost divided by the additional per capita tax revenue raised, or MTWC = [lim.sub.w' [right arrow] w](E'F - EB)/HE', where point H identifies the intersection of qq and vertical line D(T - L').
(7) [MCF.sub.1] = [lim.sub.w' [right arrow] w] DF - AB/HE' = 1 + MTWC
Note also that it is possible for MTWC to be less than zero and for [MCF.sub.1] to be less than one, even with this definition.
If a second-best tax system is uniformly more marginally distortionary, that is, has a positive MTWC for all possible positive public goods levels, then the second-best optimum level of G will lie below the first-best level.