MTWMMagnetic Tape Write Tape Mark
MTWMMean Temperature of the Warmest Month
MTWMMinistry of Transport and Water Management (Hungary)
MTWMMultiplexed Two-Wave Mixing (fiber optics)
MTWMMaximum Temperature of the Warmest Month
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Esto sucedio en el caso de Abies durangensis al incluir SDAY y MTWM o el Pinus chihuahuana al incluir GSP, MAP y DS.
Resultaron tres modelos que se ajustaron significativamente con solo dos variables, el de Abies durangensis al incluir ASL y GSP, el de Pinus engelmannii con ASL y MTWM, y el de Pinus chihuahuana con la profundidad del suelo (DS) y el periodo libre de heladas (FFP) (Tabla 1).
Altogether, 10 climatic parameters were analysed; among them no correlations were found of the distribution of the Tilia taxa with the average temperature in July (MTWM), the duration of the frost-free period (FFP), and the mean annual sunshine duration (MASD).
The importance of MTWM implies that the loss of life in the warmest month accounts for a large percentage in the whole year.