MTWSMAGTF Tactical Warfare Simulator (JTWS as of Q399)
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All of the MTWs follow the same principle of focused training and take a deep look at how to improve programs and meet long-term readiness goals that are outlined in annual training guidance, are synchronized during quarterly training briefings, and ultimately are nested in the unit's training management processes.
Not much work has been done in the past that deals with the operations of smaller vehicles such as the MTWs and motorized three wheelers which are present in significant numbers in most of the developing countries.
Bush administration, and it announced a "paradigm shift in force planning" that emphasized global flexibility and a so-called capabilities-based approach to planning centered around two MRCs (dropping the short-lived reference to MTWs).
Going into the 2005 QDR, the department's focus on scenarios other than the two MTWs continues to increase.
The simple answer would be to abandon the two-MTW standard for a lesser one, say one-and-a-half MTWs. The simple answer is the wrong one.
The 1997 Quadrennial Defense Review confirmed this standard (changing the terminology from MRCs to MTWs or major theater wars) and noted that forces would also be called upon to deal with smaller-scale contingencies (SSCs).
MTWs with longer surges will miss sorties if other operation parameters remain unchanged.
MTWS proposed increasing the recycling payment from $0.95 cents per single-family unit up to $1.30 per unit.
Moreover, MTWs ensure that the Army maintains a ready and capable force that is prepared to deploy on short notice anywhere it is needed.
The Vision and core competencies remain equally relevant to Army Intelligence support to the Legacy, Interim and Objective Forces throughout the entire spectrum of conflict, to include simultaneous major theater wars (MTWs) and small-scale contingencies (SSCs).
Only ten Army and three Marine Corps divisions span the globe to deal with various small contingencies while they prepare to fight major theater wars (MTWs).