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MTechMaster of Technology
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MTech, which started in Jupiter, Florida, in 2012, has seen rapid expansion.
MTech is one in a series of planned tools to attract a younger workforce and educate users through repetition of use.
The Advantage Offsite intervention helped to identify our needs and Mtech provided exactly the right expert advice and guidance to move our business forward.
Founded in 2006, Zymetis entered the university's MTECH VentureAccelerator Program, which provides hands-on business assistance to faculty and students interested in forming companies around university-created technologies.
Mtech Training has also developed a bespoke master class programme.
Darren Richards, managing director of Mtech Group, said, "We are very pleased to be hosting our second annual Spotlight on Offsite event in Cardiff.
The firm was introduced to WMCCE by Mtech Group, a leading specialist consultancy for offsite construction.
MTECH Labs' shim power supply controllers are ultra-stable current sources which can be used in a variety of NMR/MRI applications where stable fields are required.
MPC's Mtech wheels use a layered combination of materials to reproduce the performance of air-filled pneumatic tires, according to vice president of operations Mark Schlegel.
Mtech Group Ltd is the UK's leading specialist consultancy in the development and application of (OSC) technology.
Kulkarni received his BE degree in electronics and communications from Karnatak University in 1979, his MTech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 1982 and his PhD degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 1998.
First Texas Savings Association, which was in MTECH, embarked on a program of ATM deployment and demanded admission to PULSE, arguing that exclusion would be an illegal boycott.