MTHWMedium Temperature Hot Water
MTHWMittleres Tidehochwasser (German: Mean High Tide)
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An example of this situation is MTHW 9420, which produced noodles that were duller than red-seeded genotypes after 24 h (Table 5).
1] ([double dagger]) AC Vista HWS 152 142 Argent HWS 121 120 Butte 86 HRS 140 124 Grandin HRS 136 124 IDO 470 HWS 78 73 IDO 488 SWS 154 142 Keene HRS 158 156 MTHW 9420 HWS 175 159 PenAwana SWS 236 189 LSD 0.
Contract Notice: The Replacement of Underground MTHW Heating Mains at HMP & YOI Cornton Vale
Insulation Materials Guidelines: Insulation in Steam and Medium Temperature Hot Water ( MTHW ) tunnels will be fiberglass rated for 800 degrees Fahrenheit ( 800A F ) with an aluminum jacket or calcium silicate with waterproof 30 pound felt jacketing; applied to fittings with waterproof adhesive and copper or stainless steel wires.
The project consists of construction of approximately 1000 of utility tunnel along McCormick Road between Engineers Way and Hancock Drive, and will include the installation of 1000 of MTHW piping, chilled water lines, and the relocation of an existing water line and 4 gas line.
The Contractor shall provide the Employer with options for rationalising the existing MTHW heating distribution and for the provision of new dedicated radiant heating within the existing stores areas.