MU1Musician First Class (Naval Rating)
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where [{a}.sup.+] denotes max{a, 0}, SINR1 and [SINR.sub.Eb] denote the signal-to-interference-plus noise ratio (SINR) of MU1 and [E.sub.b] respectively.
In case of simple XOR based network coding, one packet from source MU1 is linearly combined, using bit-by-bit XOR operation, with packet from source MU2 and the resulting bits are transmitted to the BS.
MU1 Heather Downing appreciates the UL course for giving her a broader understanding of the role each musician plays in the band.
2ND PLACE Mamas & Papas Mamu Mu1 pounds 35; WORST Stokke Xplory travel system pounds 770
where MU1 = ([[beta].sub.0] - [[alpha].sub.0] + [[gamma].sub.0] + [[alpha].sub.1]e)/[[beta].sub.3].
Considering first the [SSD.sub.d] results, four of the 12 selection lines (BD1, FD2, MU1, and MD1) and three of the six averaged lines (BD, FD, and MD) had significant slopes over 21 generations.
Northern County League, Premier Division (men): Alderley Edge 0 Durham University 2' Brooklands MU1 Ben Ryhdding 4' City Of York 1 Sheffield University Bankers 6' Kingston Upon Hull 0 Rotherham 2' Preston Leyland 2 Bowdon 5' Timperley 2 Oxton 3' Oxton 5 Sheffield University Bankers 2.
"On a tour, everything gets thrown out of whack," said MU1 Andrew Oppenheim, one of the band's tuba players.
Study of the frequencies of CYP1A1 gene polymorphisms and glutathione S-transferase Mu1 gone in primary breast cancers: an update with an additional 114 cases.
Division One: Bowdon 1 Springfields 0; Deeside Ramblers 5 Leeds University 1; Doncaster 2 Hull1; Preston 2 Brooklands MU1; Tynemouth 3 Chester 3.