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MUACMid Upper Arm Circumference
MUACMaastricht Upper Area Control Center (air traffic control; Belgium)
MUACMassey University Alpine Club (New Zealand)
MUACMelbourne University Athletics Club (Australia)
MUACManipulation under Anesthesia Certification (course)
MUACMovimiento Universal Anti Censura (Spanish: Universal Anti-Censorship Movement; Chile)
MUACMongolian University of Arts and Culture (Ulan Bator, Mongolia)
MUACMixed Use Activity Center
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Use of cutoffs for mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) as an indicator or predictor of nutritional and health-related outcomes in adolescents and adults: a systematic review.
* MUAC: With the bent arm, a flexible measuring tape was wrapped around the mid-upper arm (midpoint of the arm between the shoulder and the tip of the elbow)
[9] by observing for bilateral pitting oedema and/or MUAC <115 mm and/or Weight-for-Height/Length (Z-score) below -3SD and/or visible wasting among 6-59 months and in infants <6 months also by noticing feeble to suckle effectively.
In most of the cases, 280 (80%) subjects were presenting MUAC < 11.5 cm, while most of the control subjects [249 (71.1%)1 showed MUAC > 13.5 cm.
A baseline survey of 1840 households was carried out in the study area to identify severely malnourished children using MUAC. The baseline survey screened for all children aged 6-23 months with a MUAC less than 115mm.
Con base en lo que anuncio desde el ano pasado, el MUAC celebrara en 2019 la decada que cumplio en 2018, con una muestra del afamado artista chino Ai Weiwei.
Hasta el 27 de noviembre el Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC) presenta un recorrido por la obra de uno de los artistas contemporaneos mas importantes, Anish Kapoor.
(18,19) The mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) is an important measurement which is often used for the assessment among pre-school children.
Controversy regarding MUAC concerns the fluctuation in body fluids caused by physiologic changes; however, there is reported strong correlation between MUAC values with BMI in men while cut-off point MUAC <23.3cm provide reasonable correlation with BMI in women [11].
The mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) was determined in triplicate, using a measuring tape, to determine eligibility for the NTP food supplementation.