MUAPMotor Unit Action Potential
MUAPMusic Applied, Classes & Recitals
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Needle electromyography Muscle Fibs/PSWs MUAP Recruitment Left tibialis anterior ++/ ++ Normal Reduced Left peroneus longus ++/ ++ Normal Reduced Left biceps femoris (short head) None Normal Complete Left gastrocnemius (medial head) None Normal Complete Left tensor fascia lata None Normal Complete Right tibialis anterior None Normal Complete Right peroneus longus None Normal Complete Right biceps femoris (short head) None Normal Complete Right gastrocnemius (medial head) None Normal Complete Fibs: Fibrillation potentials; PSWs: Positive sharp waves; MUAP: Motor unit action potential.
Electromyography can demonstrate fibrillation potentials and positive sharp waves in the more distal weak limb muscles along with decreased recruitment of polyphasic, long-duration, large-amplitude MUAPs.
They do not correspond to the SENIAM recommendations which focuses merely on amplitude and frequency characteristics, timing properties and MUAP width and shape [20].
EMG reveals fibrillation potentials, positive sharp waves, and early recruitment of myopathic MUAP in proximal muscles.
Right median, ulnar and radial nerve innervating the distal muscles had neurogenic motor unit action potential (MUAP) changes with fewer MUAPs.
Analyzing the MUAPs can also be used to gauge the duration and progression of LSS.