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MUASMunich University of Applied Sciences (est. 1971; Munich, Germany)
MUASMicro Unmanned Aerial System (US Air Force)
MUASMulti-Mission Unmanned Aerial System (Australia)
MUASManchester University Air Squadron (UK)
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Patients living in MUAs were more likely to utilize the ED for PCED conditions, as was expected from previous research suggesting that low physician availability is linked with high rates of preventable hospitalizations (Laditka, Laditka, and Probst 200.5).
1 concerns concept serving zones that together comprises of five RTUs, five MUAs and five EFs with individual capacities ranging from 640 to 3860 cfm (18 to 109 [m.sub.3]/ min), while EEM No.
The federal shortage designation process: health professional shortage areas (HPSA), medically underserved areas (MUA), medically underserved populations (MUP): a guide prepared for citizens, communities, health care organizations, and providers in Massachusetts.
I'm confused about the use of multiple use adapters (MUAs) with HEMTT wreckers.
There were also internal divisions, especially after Pa Kao Her's long-time deputy, Moua Nhia Long (Muas Nyiaj Looj), split from Pa Kao's group in the late 1990s.
For MUAs, the agency considers these factors in relation to the population as a whole in a given area.
Administration shortage designation: HPSAs, MUAs & MUPs.
Amongst the lighter tactical drones, mention must be made here of yet a new drone from Aselsan (the other one being the Ari-1T rotordrone featured further on), namely the Muas, or more precisely the Muas 1 and Muas 2, the latter being a longer wingspan version of the former.
Saleh Mohammed Jerbo Jamus, age de 36 ans, etait soupconne avec un autre chef rebelle, Abdallah Banda Abaker Nourain, approximativement 50 ans, de trois chefs d'accusation de crimes de guerre commis au cours d'une attaque le 29 septembre 2007 contre la Mission de l'Union africaine au Soudan (Muas) a la base militaire d'Haskanita (nord du Darfour) qui avait entraEne la mort de douze militaires africains, dont sept Nigerians.
The social norms of Hmong people in Lao Cai are undergirded by notions of tsangx muas [Hm.: shame] and plu [Hm.: honour].
One group of faculty nurse midwives targets women residing in medically underserved areas (MUAs) and health professions shortage areas (HPSAs) of the county.