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Kao i druge jezikoslovne discipline, rjecotvorje muci identitet rijeci.
Muci, "New method to extract the model parameters of solar cells from the explicit analytic solutions of their illuminated I-V characteristics," Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol.
Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, according to Darren Muci, division director of operations at Wichita schools.
Se compararon ademas, celulas del epitelio bucal con celulas epiteliales limbicas, las cuales morfologicamente expresaron marcadores similares tales como p63, ABCG2, la isoforma de p63 (Np63) y Muci na 1,4,16 (84).
Development and pre clinical evaluation of a Bacillus Calmette Guerin Muci based noval breast cancer vaccine.
Loc, location; Dur, duration of anal fistula; Diff, differentiation; M, male; S, sigmoid colon; Rs, rectosigmoid region; R, rectal; L, left colon; m, month; y, year;mod, moderatedifferentiated adenocarcinoma; well, well-differentiated adenocarcinoma; muci, mucinous adenocarcinoma; APR, abdominoperineal resection; LoR, local resection; LAR, low anterior resection; AR, anterior resection; LH, left hemicolectomy; 'LAR, LoR', LAR followed by LoR; 'LH+LoR', homeochronous LH and LoR; A, alive; D, dead; NA, not available, LR, local recurrence; DM, distant metastasis.
(11.) Such as Lohar (blacksmith caste), Bangi (sweeper), or Muci (shoemaker, leatherworker).
Carolynn Muci, the marketing/ public relations director at Mount Prospect Public Library in Illinois, wrote a How-To article, "Two Successful Strategies for National Library Card Sign-Up Month" (pp.