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Hesperiinae 2: 1: Papias dictys (d), 2: Papias subcostulata ([female]d), 3: Mucia zygia (d), 4: Papias subcostulata ([female]v), 5: Papias subcostulata ([female]v), 6: Mucia zygia (v), 7: Cynea cynea ([female]d), 8: Cynea cynea ([female]d),9: Rhinthon osca (d), 10: Cynea cynea ([female]v), 11: Cynea cynea ([female]v), 12: Rhinthon osca (v), 13: Remella rita (d), 14: Synapte salenus (d), 15: Quinta cannae (d), 16: Remella rita (v), 17: Synapte salenus (v), 18: Quinta cannae (v).
USAID funded the value-chain training program through MUCIA to provide inservice training to agriculture instructors in the Agricultural Technical Schools.
(15) Ex hypothesi: in fact the Lex Licinia Mucia is most unlikely to have required physical expulsion from Rome of non-Romans, Schol.
He stresses how different Fulvia was from her contemporaries, Mucia and Hortensia, who, as he puts it, seem `quite happy in their supporting roles'.
The MUCIA program for the U.A.E., which is headquartered at The Ohio State University, currently supports about 40 U.A.E.U graduates who are either preparing for U.S.
Thus, for example, his note on the lex Licinia Mucia of 95 B.C.
For several years, he represented IU in the Midwest Universities' Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA), which organizes teams of academic experts to provide technical assistance to developing countries.
Born the younger son of Pompey the Great and his wife Mucia, and so the younger brother of Pompey the Younger (c.
While Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 Board of Education President Mucia Burke isn't seeking re-election, fellow board incumbents Peter Dombrowski, Will Hinshaw and Steven Rosenblum are.
Recognizing this situation, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has funded several projects to the Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA) related to improving agricultural production and marketing in the area.
For other examples of "Pudentilla," IRT2 (Mucia Pudentilla), 22, 91 (Anicia Pudentilla).
Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 board President Mucia Burke will not seek re-election next spring, leaving six candidates vying for four seats on the board of education for the state's second-largest high school district.