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MUCKMulti User Chat Kingdom (gaming)
MUCKMulti User Character Kingdom (gaming)
MUCKMaynooth University Canoe & Kayak (Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland)
MUCKMilitär Utryckning Civila Kläder (Swedish)
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One could no more do that than one could roll up one's sleeves and go down into the muck. A gentleman simply stayed at home and abstained.
It was as if God's World had fallen into the muck mire of the abyss underlying the bottom of hell; as if Jehovah's Commandments had been presented on carved stone to the monkeys of the monkey cage at the Zoo; as if the Sermon on the Mount had been preached in a roaring bedlam of lunatics.
His nose went up in the air and quested to windward along the wind that brought the message, and he read the air with his nose as a man might read a newspaper--the salt smells of the seashore and of the dank muck of mangrove swamps at low tide, the spicy fragrances of tropic vegetation, and the faint, most faint, acrid tingle of smoke from smudgy fires.
Then the wheels of memory slipped ahead through four years of time, and he was aware of the present, of the books he had opened and the universe he had won from their pages, of his dreams and ambitions, and of his love for a pale wraith of a girl, sensitive and sheltered and ethereal, who would die of horror did she witness but one moment of what he had just lived through - one moment of all the muck of life through which he had waded.
They are too pure to have a market value; they contain no muck. How much more beautiful than our lives, how much more transparent than our characters, are they!
"There," John would add, "you can't touch pitch and not be mucked, lad.
Horse muck is so much nicer to smell and easier to remove from footwear.
It has helped horse lover Mandy launch her equine care company Muck Out, providing essential care, grooming, exercise and mucking out services to horse owners.
Grassland and Muck is at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, on May 18 and 19.
"But we were finding mucking out very hard work as our local livery yard uses shredded paper as bedding and we found the manure would get buried in the paper and, as the paddock has to be kept clean too, we were finding we could either ride the horses or muck out but we didn't have time for both."
MUCK organiser Simon Blackmore said: "We stormed it last month with our first gig there and the cricket club was bursting at the seams."