MUCPMaximum Urethral Closure Pressure
MUCPMichigan Unified Certification Program (Michigan Department of Transportation)
MUCPMassachusetts University-Community Partnerships
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Maximum urethral pressure (MUP) and MUCP were determined from the UPP measurements taken.
VD has been used for creation of SUI in rats, as evidenced by LPP and MUCP on urodynamic testing [20,21].
Variables associated with the need for repeat treatment included indicators of more severe incontinence, including leak point pressure of 60 cm [H.sub.2]O or lower (OR, 7.3), history of urethrolysis (OR, 6.2), low MUCP (OR, 3.5), VLPP of 60 cm [H.sub.2]O or lower (OR, 3.5), five or more incontinent episodes per day (OR, 3.0), and a positive empty supine test (OR, 2.7).
MUS: midurethral sling; SUI: stress urinary incontinence; BMI: body mass index; DO: detrusor overactivity; PVR: post-void residual volume; MUCP: Maximum urethral closure pressure; ICIQ: International Consultation on Incontinence (short form); OAB: overactive bladder; IVS: intravaginal sling; TVT-O: trans-vaginal tape-obturator; UTI: urinary tract infection; CISC: clean intermittent self-catheterization; PVS: pubovaginal sling.
The study showed that the mean MUCP was 42% lower among women with primary SUI (40.8 cm H[sub.2]O vs.
The investigators of the ROSE study were surprised by their findings that MUCP was the most powerful predictor, with an effect size so much greater than any of the urethral mobility variables assessed in the study.
However, pelvic floor testing of the same cohort showed that MUCP was 22% higher in black women than in white women (68.0 vs.
Data from the EPI study show that white women with UUI had lower urethral pressures compared to continent white women, whereas in black women there was no difference in MUCP between continent and incontinent subjects.[sup.4]
Although the mechanisms behind changes in MUCP are not fully understood, it is known that it declines with age: an approximate 15 cm H[sub.2]O drop per decade of life.[sup.5] Aging is also associated with a loss of striatal muscle fibre in the urethra and surrounding tissues.[sup.6]