MUCSInternational Workshop on Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services
MUCSMicrosoft Unified Communications Server
MUCSMelbourne University Choral Society (Melbourne, Australia)
MUCSMontreal Urban Community Sustainment (Canada)
MUCSSenior Chief Musician (Naval Rating)
MUCSMonash University Choral Society (Australia)
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MUC Proteins.--Mucins, or mucus glycoproteins, are widely expressed in normal epithelial cells and their derived neoplasms.
(iii) Equality (2.23) holds for every f [member of] MUCS.
Memorial University College (MUC) was officially opened in September 1925, though preparations had been underway for months beforehand.
But they must enjoy it as mucs h as those who turn up to watch because they keep on going - and Chapterhouse Theatre Company, in particular, seems to be everywhere at once.
"He was immensely courageous in his political life, never fearing to take up the cause of those he thought were being unfairly treated and we are going to miss him very mucs h."
Preventing the decline of established neighborhoods and promoting high-quality, multifamily residential development on appropriate sites is especially important for the areas the city of Eugene hopes to develop as `mixed-use centers' (MUCs), such as the potential Chambers MUC in our area.
Question-answering via information retrieval and extraction from texts has been an active area of research, with a progression of annual competitions and conferences, especially the 7 message-understanding conferences (MUCs) and the 12 text-retrieval conferences (TRECs) from 1992-2003, sponsored by NIST, IAD, DARPA, and ARDA.
Specifically, the proposed rule would revise its existing Respirator Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134) by establishing definitions and requirements for assigned protection factors (APFs) and maximum use concentrations (MUCs).
Croft (1995) suggested that IE techniques, primarily developed in the context of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) Message Understanding Conferences (MUCs), are designed to identify database entities, attributes, and relationships in full text.