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Species Contribution CA1 CA2 Hacl -0.42439 0.178748 Anly -0.82004 2.111221 Poco -0.71798 -0.701577 Anle 104.923 0.843327 Spte 0.05668 0.013074 Spgr -0.08628 0.004918 Sabr -0.15140 0.914852 Atbr -0.44154 -0.152990 Geba 125.684 -0.124106 Opog -0.34162 1.146.843 Dirh -0.63756 -0.457756 Ceed 0.79113 -0.009477 Euar -0.66449 -0.195739 Baro -0.84899 -0.627708 Mucu 0.98678 0.258967 Gege 107.142 -0.366931 Stra 107.338 -0.477772 Casp 0.20077 -0.303633 Note: The higher contributions to each axis are shown in bold indicated as #.
In nordwepsischen und karelischen Dialekten verbindet man das fur Puppe stehende Nomen mucak, mucakko mit dem im Karelischen einen Jugendlichen bezeichnenden Substantiv und im Wepsischen mit dem Adjektiv mucu 'klein'.
That is: preferred particles are transport ed inside the marginal groove proper, whereas particles destined for rejection are carried superficially in a string of mucus. Sorting also occurs at the ventral margin of the outer demibranch; desirable particles are retained on the outer demibranch, whereas unacceptable particles are transferred to the inner demibranch and ultimately excluded from ingestion.
And when the pallial cavity was entered through the pedal gape, the foot usually touched the OIT, coating it with mucus. Results were based on the examination of 21 mussels.
At high concentrations ([great than][10.sup.6] [ml.sup.-1]), particles are sometimes carried along the ventral margin in clumps of mucus. As a result of these three particle trajectories, desirable particles are retained on the Outer demibranch, while unacceptable particles are transferred to the inner demibranch and ultimately excluded from ingestion.
Particles transported in the superficial groove are embedded in a string of mucus, up to 80 [micro]m thick (Figs.
Particles transported anteriorly inside the marginal groove proper are also embedded in a string of mucus (Figs.
Once the ball of mucus and particles reaches a particular size, the palps push or "clap" the ball away.
When mussels were fed high concentrations of a combination of both desirable and unacceptable particles (Microcystis and Scenedesmus), the ball of mucus that forms near the palp apices was drawn back between the palp lamellae and once again dispersed.