MUDDAMagnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists
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Mudda said over the past few years there has been a substantial increase in the number of contractors and builders, especially in the housing and road construction segment.
[9] December 19 - 26: Darfur: *Heavy aerial attacks in North Darfur and South Darfur begin on Dec 20 and continue through Dec 28: *Dec 20: the SAF bombs Mudda, North Darfur; many livestock animals are killed, and there is significant human displacement; the attack is at night by Antonov aircraft (RD, citing local source, Dec 1).
Mahesh Mudda (chief executive officer and executive director).
Shaun, Stevo, Rowdo, Kev, Graham, Danny, Eric, John and Mudda.
The three-day exposition was held from 3 to 5 December 2009 at the MMRDA Grounds, Mumbai, inaugurated by Indra Mohan, Mahesh Mudda, Chairman, BAI, Mumbai Chapter, and V Ranganathan, Convener, CONSTRU India 2009.
And da gramma would say: "Sale I knew you was gon be da first to give your mudda grandchild." And my chick Kapika still no more babies and I still no more job and we still no more house, and my family turn da other way when dey see me.
From their first collabos, it's clear the trio represents a departure for dancehall, a voice that can sing "suck yuh mudda" and reference vagina dentata on the same track.
Father and mother often come out fahdda and mudda, with becomes wid or wit, and this and that becomes dis'n dat.
Musician-producer Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel unveiled their so-called Mudda Manifesto that states artists need to be invited to the table when the business world writes the rules for downloading.
The younger ones practiced their English with us, "Fook, fook ya mudda." Was it because we were big-busted?
Press releases began, "Hello Mudda, hello Faddah...." At summer fundraisers, when Presidential hopefuls were asked why they wanted to be President, they responded correctly, "I'd like to lose some weight."
The students at times resembled the Allan Sherman song Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda (Camp Granada).