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MUDEMuseu do Design e da Moda (Portugese)
MUDEMujeres en Desarrollo Dominicana, Inc (Spanish)
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Fatigada: el adjetivo mude se prefiere traducir por cansada, aunque fatigada tambien seria una buena equivalencia.
Er stand sich mude. he stood himself tired `He became tired by standing.' (5) a.
Like Kwenda and Mude, Schopenhauer situates music beyond the realm of ordinary comprehension (which the latter describes as the world of representation).
Mude said part of the reason why the reservists are vulnerable is because they use old machinery.
As muitas vicissitudes resultantes da falta de apoio oficial, a escassez de papel e outros insumos e, como espetada final, o fim das operacoes internacionais da instituicao postal venezuelana, tem levado a que Interciencia, publicada desde sua fundacao ha mais de trinta e oito anos na Venezuela, se mude a outro pais onde e acolhida.
Mudiaga "Mude" Ohimor's first name means "to stand firm" in his father's native tongue in Nigeria.
In a comparable vein, but with less basis in plant toxicology, Nage claim that burning the wood of citrus trees (Mude), and especially the kind named Mude 'Oka (Citrus hystrix), the Kaffir lime, causes bumps on the skin resembling the bumpy peel of the fruit.