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MUDIMunich Urban Design International (China)
MUDIMultiplikation und Division
MUDIMale Uroflow Diagnostic Interpretation (urology)
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Ningxia Pengyangxian Zhangjiecun Chunqiu Zhanguo mudi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Kaogu 8: 14-24.
I left the party in 1978, due to problems regarding views on the movement," says Mudi.
Prior to 1930, all were resident in or near Tiba Kisa's predecessor, the now abandoned village of Jo Wolo, and before this in Nage 'Oga, the ancestral village of clan Mudi and several others and the settlement which lends its name to the present 'desa'.
Group manager Peter Mudi of Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service said: "While the retained tradition has run its course at Birtley, it is only right that we recognise and thank people like Barry and those before him for their commitment to the community and the vital and excellent work they did on behalf of the fire and rescue service.
La Ode Laura migrated to Unwana near Hundihuk (a coastal hamlet of Netanaen, to the west of Oelaba) sometime in the late nineteenth century, but he continued to sail throughout the region and became known locally by the name of Mudi, after his profession, juru mudi or pengumudi perahu (helmsman).
Head of the occupied Palestinian territories delegation Ali Mudi said this meeting comes within the framework of communication with the relatives in the homeland to challenge the 60-year-long Israeli occupation practices.
The longest-ever non-stop hair massage session - christened Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil Mudi Massage Marathon -- lasted 12 hours with 248 women participating in the marathon massage held at the Abhirami Mall in Chennai.
Uluslararasi bankaciligin hizla ilerledigi son donemlerde mudi sahiplerinin isimlerini ve para kaynaklarini aciklamayan banka ve finans kurumlari, teroru finanse etmek icin kullanilan kaynaklari korumaktadir.
58) "Yuanzhu mudi hezai, miandian weihe ruci Yanzhong yilai zhongguo" (What Is the Purpose of Aid, Why Burma Is Heavily Dependent on China) at <http://www.
Liyong waizi yao mingque mudi, tongyi guikou, jiaqiang shenji" [FDI should be monitored].
Security forces said that the guest house of Tehrik-e-Taliban Nazim Dawood Gandapur and two houses of suspected Taliban were demolished with the explosive materials during the operation in village Mudi.
Four women won in the May 16, 2009, parliamentary elections and one of them - Ms Mudi al-Hamud - now is the education minister - see gmt26KwtWhoJun29-09).